About Us

The genesis for 11-11 dates back to 1962 when Tommy Baynham began the business of advertising, merchandising and consulting for furniture retailers. Lori joined her father-in-law 30 years later and the two became a great duo sharing the common thread of a love for furniture and a passion for life.

The events that opened the journey of 11-11 were quite serendipitous. A conversation with a friend over a glass of wine opened the first door. And then another opened, and then another. Before long, Lori was on a plane to Thailand to explore possibilities.

The doors continued to open and before long beautiful furniture was flowing from both Indonesia and Mexico. These days we hear from artisans all over the world, and who knows where we’ll go next.

So 11-11 is the company name because it is Lori’s oldest son’s favorite number. He always noticed the clock at 11:11 and it became a thing in the family. Before long, the younger son also became a huge fan of the number 11 with the same sort of passion. The boys kind of outgrew it, but Lori never did. It was an easy way to name the company for the boys and have great sentiment behind it.

What’s really cool is that there is quite a bit of mysticism behind 11-11, but we didn’t realize it until years later. It furthered Lori’s belief that God is in the details, big and small.

At 11-11, we work with artisans to create really cool furniture that expands the globe. In Indonesia, the customary greeting is a bow, not a handshake. It means “I bow to the divine in you.” We think it’s just wonderful to search for divinity. And our quest is to do just that while we travel the globe, build relationships, make really cool furniture, and enjoy the gift of this life.

Thank you for your interest in 11-11. We think of it as art… in the form of furniture. And we hope you do, too.

Meet the players (and inspiration) of 11-11. Any company is only as great as its team, and we couldn’t do it without the artisans and our home base players.

What We Do

We sell to furniture retailers by the container or truckload. Minimums in Indonesia are 5 and in Mexico are 10. There are so many paint and stain options, with other effects like distressing, crackling, and washing. It is so easy to fill a container or truckload of our product.

At 11-11, we know that price matters and if we can sell it to you at a really good price, you can sell it to your customer at a really good price. You are going to love the designs you find at prices that are most appealing.


“I’ve been carrying 11-11 products since 2014 and our customers love it. The price points are great and the looks are high end.”

Jasper Fontenot, Owner
Brown’s Furniture, 4 locations in Louisiana