11-11 Imports specializes in designing and producing all wood handcrafted home furnishings that are made across the globe. Why are they global? Because we want art, not just furniture, and we search for artisans who put their heart and hands into the individual pieces of furnishings you select. The pieces are unique and truly one of a kind. Every single one. So if you'd like to search the world over, but you don't have that kind of time, let us do it for you. 11-11 Imports. 

“...We started carrying 11-11 Imports a year ago and our customers love the new looks and great options that are available with this line. We've ordered 12 containers of this merchandise in a year, and I'm looking to carry more and more of this kind of furniture. It doesn't break you at the bank and it has the kind of look that you usually only get with high end, expensive furniture.

- Jasper Fontenot, Owner

Brown's Furniture, 5 locations in Louisiana